About Debbie’s Photography

Hello, thanks for visiting my photography website!

My Name is Debbie Gaul-Rusch. I am married and have 3 children.  I love capturing all the beauty around me and living out in the country in Iowa is beautiful!


Debbie’s Photography is a full service photography studio.

Besides the galleries that you see listed here,

I also offer restoration of old prints, and graphic design services.

I live right next to Nelson Park.  Nelson Park is a lovely County park out in the beautiful Iowa hills.

It is located between the towns of Dow City, Dunlap and Charter Oak Iowa.

I like to say that I may be out in the boondocks but once you are here I have it all!

A beautiful place to live and work from. I started my photography business in 1999. Boy have things changed

through the years! When I first started everything was film. Now it is totally digital. I love the digital world.

I enjoy taking classes every year just to keep up on all the changes and keep  things fresh. I am a very creative

person and I believe that your photography experience should be one of fun and affordability. Please browse

my website and enjoy viewing just a small sample of my work. If you have any  questions just give me a call.

Please call 712-643-5472 for a price list!

All of my portraits are protected by copyright laws.
It is illegal to copy or scan any and all photographs made by Debbie’s Photography.
(Copyright laws are enforced.)

All transactions by appointment only.

Please limit phone calls to 9 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday and 9 to 4 on Saturdays