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June 17th, 2015

.    What a beautiful Iowa day out!!   I am working here on some wedding photos thinking how lucky I am to have so many wonderful wedding couples to work with  :}  I don’t get the Bridezillas that so many other photographers talk about!  I am so lucky with my couples and wedding attendants.  They are all so cooperative and willing to have a good time.  They love the beautiful formal photographs but are also willing to let me go wild and crazy and do some really fun things.  One of the most moving photos a photographer can take the day of the wedding is the attendants first look at the wedding ring.   Here’s my take on that first look   LOL  IMG_5121 IMG_5120 IMG_5123 IMG_5122

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May 31st,2015

2015 Open House 1

So excited for OPEN HOUSE today :}   The studio looks great both inside and out.  It’s been very difficult to get it all ready this year with all the rain we’ve been having…. but I know about August we will of wished for some of this rain then!  LOL  Oh well it’s Iowa…  Give it a day and it will change.   Last year was the first year I offered free facebook photos and we had so much fun with it I am excited to offer it again this year.  Hope to see everyone there!  Debbie

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November 12th

fall special


It’s the perfect time to do family and kids photos for those Christmas Cards!  So many times I hear lots of excuses that we women love to use…..  I need to lose weight, I don’t have time, I don’t know what to wear…..  ect…. ect…..   I can relate to all of those however I know that life can change in an instant…  I have never heard anyone say I wish we wouldn’t of taken so many photos through the years…..   Make a memory today :}   Make a memory that last forever!

Love and Light!   Debbie

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July 31st

What a beautiful day out!!!  So nice and cool it almost feels like it could be the start of Fall!!! So unusual for Iowa!   In the last couple of weeks we have finished some really gorgeous custom designed wedding invitations.  It is so much fun to take the photos fromt he engagement sessions and turn them into  a wedding invitation that is so personal no one else will ever have one like it!

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July 16th

Been having some great weather for photography.  I’ve had some really fun shoots lately.  We’ve had so much rain so far this summer that all my flower beds are absolutely gorgeous!  On the bad side we’ve been having to mow a lot this summer.  But the bright colors outside are sure wonderful for photos.

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Saturday June 21st

tt106 tt118 tt119 tt120 tt163 tt174 tt175 tt176Having a lot of fun this week with some fun seniors!!   I have some new techniques this year that although they are a challenge for me (but I LOVE challenges!)  it really keeps things interesting.  It’s been really hot and humid but we are managing to beat the heat.  Lots of cold bottled water.  We tend to get silly and laugh alot!  LOL  Here are a couple of fun and funny shots.

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Tuesday June 10th

Love LOVE this kind of weather!  Perfect beautiful days for photos.  I love it when it is a little cloudy….  Most people think they need full sunshine for photos but that is OH SO WRONG!!   Bright sunlight tends to wash things out….  colors aren’t as vibrant….  the sky is kinda blahhh  without some clouds.  And also people tend to squint outside when it’s really bright, even if they do it unconsciously :}  So yes I love LOVE cloudy days with just a little breeze.  Now just to find some time to spend in my hammock!!!

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May 27th, 2014

We’ve been working hard getting ready for Open House this weekend :}  I am offering something new this year and am pretty excited about it!  We will be doing FREE facebook photos for anyone that wants!  These will be sized so you can take them home and easily upload them to your own facebook page.   I think this will be a lot of fun with all of the really cool different sets that we will have set up in the studio and also outside in my large outdoor area.  We’ve got some really fun different sets ready to go.  We also will be giving away some fun door prizes and making some homemade snacks.  Anyone that knows me very well will tell you it is always about the food!!!  LOL  Can’t have company without some food!  Open House will be 2 days…..  Saturday May 31st from 2 – 7pm and Sunday June 1st from 2-7pm.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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more proms!

Just trying to catch up on my blog today :}  Had great fun with all the proms!   Also had  a lot of fun with my facebook contest.   The couples with the most LIKES/VOTES from each school won photo wallet tins.  These are really cool looking tins with their prom photo on top:}  here’s just a few more prom shots!IMG_8847 IMG_8889 IMG_8905 IMG_9000 IMG_9017IMG_2843 IMG_6609 IMG_6765 IMG_6847 IMG_9277 IMG_94132850 c IMG_2807 IMG_2838 IMG_9475

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Friday, April 18th, 2014

Friday, April 18th.   Just totally finished up with Boyer Valley Prom photos :}  WOW I love shooting proms!   So much fun!  It was a long day but so entertaining.   The prom dresses and tuxes get more interesting every year……  Just wish they had such beautiful dresses when I was that age!  LOL  I would have rocked some of those dresses and heels when I was that age!!!  (I dream anyway!)  Their theme was Casino Night and they did a good job with their decorating.  It is always amazing that something made out of simple cardboard can photograph so nicely when lit correctly.  You can see all of Boyer Valley Prom photos on my facebook page BV204 BV202

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