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Newborn and Baby Photography Sessions

Call 712-643-5472 for an Appointment

I LOVE photographing precious newborns and babies.

It is an honor to be able to capture these once in a lifetime photos for your family.

 I feel that photographing a newborn baby is like capturing a memory for all time that

will be a piece of artwork for your home.

 Proofing and CD Sessions Available

Proofing Session

$75.00 sitting fee

CD Sessions

Session #1 – 10 images – $200.00           Session #2 – 20 images – $250.00

           Session #3 – 30 images – $375.00


To get those really amazing photos, newborns are best  photographed when your baby is less than 14 days old!

Once your baby arrives call from the hospital or shortly after you arrive home

so we can schedule your appointment within those first 14 days or as close as possible.

When you call for your appointment please let us know if your

baby has certain nap times or any kind of schedule etc. We can help by finding times

that would work best for your situation to do photos.

My biggest tip is just to stay relaxed, babies can feel instantly if you are tense or worried.

Don’t worry about how long the session takes, I always plan extra time for babies.


It is not uncommon for a newborn session to last up to 2 hours.  It’s all about keeping the baby

comfortable. I don’t like to rush a baby photo session, and we may need to stop several times to feed or change.

It is extremely important that I keep the baby comfortable.

So be prepared to just relax and enjoy this special once in a lifetime experience.

Mom, you may want to dress in layers as I tend to keep things pretty warm for the baby so

we all tend to get a little warm also.


Your newborn :-}     I suggest bringing any outfits or items that are special to you and your baby,

(as I may want to incorporate it into a shot)  ie—  a favorite gift from someone special,

favorite blankee, hats, outfits, or stuffed animals.   However, I

have lots of wonderful, unusual and snuggly & soft props just for newborns. If you bring another child for

some sibling shots you will need to bring another family  member to entertain  them while

we are working with the baby.

Please call 712-643-5472 for a price list.