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Children Photography by Debbie’s Photography

Call 712-643-5472 for an Appointment

Being a mom I understand how important good photos of your children are :} They are

only little for such a short time… I love getting all types of expressions from kids.

Sometimes the simplest expression can make the most endearing shot ever!

Proofing and CD Sessions Available

Proofing Session Fees

$15.00 for the first child please add $15.00 for the second child and add $10.00 per child after that.

CD Sessions

Session #1 – 10 images – $200.00           Session #2 – 20 images – $250.00

           Session #3 – 30 images – $375.00

Birthday Bash Smash

1st Birthday Cake Smash Session  $25.00


When you call for your appointment please let us know if your child has certain nap times etc. We can help by finding times that would work best for your situation. If you child is old enough visit with them about coming to do photos. Plan a treat for afterwards. My biggest tip is just to stay relaxed. I do great with kids. Partly because I am a kid at heart. I get down on their level and make them comfortable. I don’t like to rush a kids photo session but if I truly feel like we are not getting anything I will let you know. Sometimes kids are just having a bad day. And sometimes we are done with great success so fast it even amazes me!


With kids sometimes simple is best. You can bring several selections with you and I will help you pick what I think would photograph best depending on what type of style of photos we want to end up with. Bring clothes with you and plan on dressing your kids here. No need to take the chance of getting anything dirty ahead of time! If we are doing a group of children keep colors and styles similar.  Plan colors that are compatible and complimentary to each other. Stick with one style of dress, either everyone dressy or everyone casual.  Remember, shoes and socks will often show in your portraits.  Try to stay away from white tennis shoes and white socks. In summer months sandals or brown shoes, are a great choice or always one of my favorites for kids is bare feet.  Minimize any blemishes with a cover stick.

Please call 712-643-5472 for a price list.