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Family Portraits by Debbie’s Photography

Call 712-643-5472 for an Appointment

Debbie’s Photography is the perfect place to create those timeless family photos.  Along with our beautiful 20 acre outdoor studio, we have a huge indoor studio that is large enough

to accommodate a family of up to 100 people. I pride myself  in making your family photo

experience a fun time full of lots of memories to last for all time!

 Proofing and CD Sessions Available

Family Sitting Fees for Proofing Sessions

 With all family sessions I include several different groupings and poses.

1 to 3 family members  $25.00              4 to 5 family members $45.00

6 to 10  family members   $55.00                11 to 15 family members  $65.00

16 to 20 family members  $75.00                21 to 28 family members  $85.00

29 to 34 family members $100.00               35 to 45 family members $125.00

45 to 60 family members  $170.00                61 to 75 family members $200.00

76 members plus please call for a price quote.

Family  CD Sessions

Session #1 – 10 images – $200.00           Session #2 – 20 images – $250.00

           Session #3 – 30 images – $375.00

Family Portrait Sessions at your home location ADD $50.00 plus      ADD $175. To all family sessions when others are also taking photos.   This would include anniversary, birthday, etc… any large gatherings where friends & family will also be using their cameras.

Debbie’s Family Portrait Tips

Clothing Choices

Choosing clothing for group photos can be quite difficult. You will be happy if you

follow a few simple color rules. Plan colors that are compatible and complimentary

to each other. Many families find that using a color palette of 3 or 4 complimentary

colors work best. Stick with one style of dress, either everyone dressy or everyone

casual. Women will probably be happier if you avoid sleeveless or spaghetti

strap tops.  Remember, shoes and socks will often show in your portraits. Try to stay

away from white tennis shoes and white socks. In summer months, sandals or

brown shoes, are a great choice. For small children I actually like bare feet the best :}

Hair & Skin

Don’t try a new hairstyle just for your session. Your haircut should be a minimum

of  7 days old to look best. Make sure to minimize any blemishes with a cover stick.


Bring your makeup with you for touch ups. Fresh, natural and evening makeup

photograph the best. Make sure to check your hair & makeup right before we start

your session, and use face powder to keep from looking too shiney. Keep jewelry

simple. If you want to appear slimmer a way to fool the camera is to double layer your tops,

such as a tank top with long sleeve top over it. Long sleeves are always more slimming.


A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard or mustache make sure it is trimmed to your

liking. Unless you like the grunge look. But, even the grunge look requires a trim. If you

have any questions on what to wear please give me a call.

Please call 712-643-5472 for a price list.