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Senior Photography

Call 712-643-5472 for an Appointment

Senior Photography is so much fun!  Senior Photos are a once in a lifetime experience. I love making it your personal time to be a STAR!  From crazy to basic I love to capture each individual seniors personality.  I am always open to new ideas and love to take my seniors to different and exciting new locations.


 Proofing and CD Sessions Available

Senior Proofing Sessions

Simple Session $35.00
12 poses to choose from
1 outfit      indoor or outdoor

Basic Session $45.00
30 or more poses to choose from
indoor and outdoor    up to 2 outfits

Classic Session $85.00
60 or more poses to choose from
indoor and outdoor     up to 4 outfits

Supreme Session $110.00
80 or more poses to choose from
indoor and outdoor      up to 6 outfits

Creative Session $135.00
100 or more poses to choose from
indoor and outdoor      up to 8 outfits

Ultimate Xperience Session $250.00
Unlimited outfit changes
Travel within 50 miles included
6 hours of photo coverage
Tons of poses to choose from

Senior CD Sessions
Session #1 $200.00     2 outfits          inside & outside
Session #2 $275.00      4 outfits         inside & outside
Session #3 $375.00       6 outfits         inside & outside
Session #4 $550.00    Unlimited outfit changes   inside & outside
Travel within 50 miles included   6 hours of photo coverage-

CD Sessions —-
You will get 2 duplicate CDs of 10 to 100
Images with Copy Right Release.
3 – Images with Basic Retouch
1 – Xpression Image
1 – Name & Year Added Image
1 – Sepia Image
1 – Black & White Image

Sibling Session

Mini session for the younger brother or sister
One Outfit — inside OR outside
Must be Photographed either before or after the Senior

Proofing Session

Senior Sibling Proofing Session $10.00

CD Session

Session #1    10 images -$200.00         Session #2 -20 Images   $250.00       Session #3 -30 images   $375.00

 Buddy Shots are FREE with any senior session

Secret Internet  Code: X2017X

Bring this code with you to your Senior session and get a dry erase marker board 

made especially for you FREE! Seniors, call soon 712-643-5472 to get the best times.


Tips for Great Senior Photographs:

We have wonderful tips on clothing choices and other information for your senior session. Click on

the link below to read Debbie’s senior tips, and print this page out for reference before your appointment.

Senior Clothing Tips

 I look forward to seeing you! Just relax and have fun. :} I can make your senior photo session
fun and easy with great results.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.