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Wedding Photography by Debbie’s Photography.

Please call for an appointment to discuss your wedding needs.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  Those bridal photos can never be redone!

I believe that not only do you deserve quality portraits but that your photography

experience on your wedding day should be enjoyable and full of wonderful bridal memories.


I work hard so that the images that I create for my brides and grooms reflect all the beauty, joy and romance that makes their wedding day so very special.  Each Wedding is a unique experience, each bride and groom are unique.  Your wedding photos should be unique. As a wedding photographer I provide all my brides with my own personal book of wedding tips. This is a book of helpful tips that I have written on how to make your wedding day go smoothly and with less stress. I have gathered these tips after years of wedding experiences and conversations with hundreds of brides. At Debbie’s Photography I really enjoy all of the romance of your special day. I feel that the most complete coverage of a wedding includes traditional, creative, candids, romantic and fun photojournalistic photography. Please enjoy viewing just this small sample of my work here.

I would love to show you more of my beautiful wedding photos. Please call to set up an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. —I also feature custom design photo products. :} Such as —Save the Date Cards and Magnets,

Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Thank You Cards, a variety of  Guest Books and many

other custom designed photo wedding products.

All Engagement Sessions are included free with any wedding package.

A FREE mini Bridal Boudoir shoot pre-wedding is an option with any wedding package.  Please call for more details on this!

I have 5 different wedding packages available.

The Ultimate Story Package …….$2,700.

This is my finest Package.
1 – 16 x 20 Wall Portrait with mount, texture and spray
Includes a beautifully designed 12″x12″ flush mount album.   You get to choose from the photos below what goes in your album and what you want in prints for your walls.

   12 – 8×10 photos     20 – 5×7 photos     70 – 4×6 photos

2 – 8″x8″ Parent Flush Mount Leather Albums  (a smaller version of the   Bride & Groom’s album)
A Package of 15 Wallets
3 – Magnetic 3×3 Wallet Books
A DVD Slide Show of your favorite wedding photos set
to your choices of wedding music.
All regular retouching services are included.
Includes options of Black & White, Brown Tones,
Spot Color and Xpression Prints

The Royal Wedding Package …..$2,100.

1 – 16 x 20 Wall Portrait with mount, texture and spray
Includes a beautifully designed flush mount 10″x10″ album. You get to choose from the photos below what goes in your album and what you want in prints for your walls.

    8- 8×10 photos       16 – 5×7 photos        50 – 4×6 photos

Includes options of Black & White, Brown Tones,
Spot Color and Xpression Prints
3 hours of regular retouching services

The Heirloom Wedding Package ………….$1,300.

6 – 8×10 photos       10- 5×7 photos       42 – 4×6 photos
Includes options of Black & Whites, Brown Tones & Spot Color

The Classical Wedding Package ……….$1,100

2 – 8×10 photos       4 – 5×7 photos       40 – 4×6 photos
With the options of Black & Whites AND Brown Tones
This package is for the scrapbooker :}

The Disc Only Wedding Package   $1,200.

This package includes a disc of 200 images with copyrights.  Coverage includes one hour pre-wedding, photos taken during the wedding and one hour post wedding photos.  There are no prints with this package and minimal retouching.

You may add a CD of all your images with copyright print release to any package for an additional
$500. to $1,200 Depending on what package you purchase.

Please call 712-643-5472 for a more in depth price list.